The area of the Pavillon Kalensa

The house is located in the spa district. Remarkable site completely renovated for diabetology and rheumatology. A new wellness area with indoor and outdoor pool overlooking the Park will be fully open next year.

The Casino Park offers a walk around the Intermittent Spring, games and rides for children, mini-golf, entertainment for associations and of course the Casino and games of chance. Restaurants, 2 cinemas, 1 Italian theatre and 1 exhibition hall, without forgetting the municipal swimming pool, are accessible to all.

Hiking trails allow everyone to discover the many hamlets in the town. A fitness walk for spa guests, a tree climbing park for children and adults.

The town of Vals les Bains benefits from the many restaurants and shops giving everyone a very pleasant living environment.

The rivers, the Ardèche, the Volane, the Besorgues give many swimming and picnic spots. Kayaking, canyoning and via ferrata are a must.  Many villages of Ardèche such as Antraïgues sur Volane (Jean Ferrat), Jaujac, Thueyts, Ailhon, Lachamp-Raphaël enhance the discoveries thanks to their remarkable natural site.

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Tel : 06 10 19 57 24
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pavillon Kalensa - vacances  en ardèches - Gites de vancances

4 Montée de la source de la santé
Tel : +336 10 19 57 24
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Pavillon Kalensa

Located in Vals-les-Bains, Kalensa Pavilion is a guest house set in a garden with an outdoor pool, a terrace and a pool table. - Free public parking on site. Guests can enjoy the thermal baths, the Vals-les-Bains casino and the adventure park. You can also visit the vineyards or go karting at 10 km, château d'Aubenas is at 8 km.